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What is Web Hosting And Tips for Choosing the Best Web Hosting

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What is Web Hosting is a place or service that provides storage space for websites or applications in servers on the internet.

Websites that already exist on the internet can be accessed with other gadgets that are connected to the internet.

The way web hosting works is a web hosting companies will host your website so that users can access your website by writing your web address.

When a user connects to the server where your site is hosted, then the server will send the file that you have saved to display your website to visitors.

What is Web Hosting And Tips for Choosing the Best Web Hosting

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At this time there are many hosting options that you can choose from free to paid hosting.

Before you choose hosting for your website, you should ask yourself the following questions:

What is the purpose of your website and how fast do you want to grow your business?

How many people do you need?

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Some of the questions above can determine which hosting you need like

  • Storage space
  • Bandwidth
  • Control of the server
  • Cost

The first thing to do in choosing web hosting is that you have to decide whether you want to create a blog with free or paid hosting.

Many free hosting such as Blogger and offer an easy to use but a limited feature.

The disadvantage of free hosting is that the choice of templates available is limited.

Some things you must consider to choose the best web hosting companies that suit your needs:

1. Uptime

The most important goal of the server is to make your site accessible to internet users.

Therefore, one of the requirements to choose hosting is to choose a hosting provider that has maximum uptime or a server that can operate 24 hours 7 days.

Some of the results of the original uptime selection:

  • Lost visitors
  • Website ranking drops
  • Faithful visitors will not return

Although it is not possible to get a hosting provider that has 100% uptime at least the hosting provider has a hosting uptime of 99.5%.

2. Experienced hosting companies

When you Choosing the Best Web Hosting, you should choose an experienced best web hosting services.

This aims to determine the credibility of the best web hosting sites that you will choose.

Experienced hosting companies also have a crowded number of customers so that it can affect someone’s desire to buy.

Usually, also the number of customers in hosting companies will be directly proportional to the quality of their products.

3. Testimonials

Online testimonials or testimonials of hosting companies from their customers can provide facts about the company’s reputation.

When you can see other people using hosting on the company it will make you believe compared to companies that do not display testimonials.

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If you see a hosting company with lots of positive testimonials, you can try it and vice versa.

4. Support

When your hosting experiences problems and does not find a solution, the support role of the web hosting companies is very important.

With this service, of course, you can facilitate you in dealing with problems that occur on hosting.

Does the hosting company offer 24 × 7 support with experts in the field who are ready to help you?

In addition, choose a web hosting companies that has friendly support staff and can help you fully.

5. Related products

The thing you have to do in Choosing the Best Web Hosting Sites is to choose a company that provides related products such as security, email and backup services.

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To get this, you can do research on several best website hosting companies


Final Words

Based on the discussion about the definition of hosting and hosting choosing tips above, it can be concluded that choosing the right hosting is important before you start the website.

Hosting that suits your needs can help you to achieve your business success on the internet.

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