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What is Remote Work and How to Do It

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Along with the development of internet technology and ease of access for the general public, now employees or workers do not always have to come and work in the office. As long as they have an internet connection and the necessary devices, many employers allow their employees to work from home or anywhere else.

In fact, quoting from the Business 2 Community website, in the last 5 years, the number of applicants seeking jobs using remote systems has increased by 44 percent. This proves that the trend of remote working is increasing and will definitely continue to develop over time.

In Indonesia itself, the practice of remote work has been carried out by a number of companies and is sought after by the public. On the other hand, although it can be worked anywhere, the salary of a remote worker is often equal to that of an ordinary worker, and can even be higher.

Knowing this, the term remote working is certainly able to attract the attention of many people and maybe you are one of them. Well, before trying to go deeper into this type of profession, it would be nice if you first understand what remote working is and a series of jobs that can generally be done using these methods below.

Remote Work Concept

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In general, remote working is a type of work that can be done or completed without having to go to work or the office. This means that people who work remotely can freely choose their own workplace. Whether it’s at home, coworking spaces, cafes, and other places. Therefore, this work method is considered capable of providing its own comfort for employees and employers.

In fact, a survey revealed the fact that people who prefer to work remotely or have the flexibility of their own work location have a better mental state. Through this method, 48 percent of respondents were able to get a very well-maintained balance between life and work.

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This also reveals another fact that the productivity level of someone who works remotely is higher so they are able to complete work responsibilities more optimally. In practice, remote work is done by utilizing internet technology so that employees are able to communicate with each other and discuss work-related matters.

It is undeniable that remote work is desired by many people because of its high flexibility. So, not much time is wasted on transportation from home to work and vice versa.

Types of Work That Can Be Done Remotely

In short, remote working is a field of work that can be completed without having to go to the office or workplace. Then, what types of work can be done with this method?

Content Writer

For those of you who feel you have the ability or hobby to write content, becoming a content writer might be an option to choose so you can work from home. This profession has long been considered to be able to be done using the remote working method. The reason is that the job description of a content writer is to write, edit, and then send documents.

If there are inputs or revisions, all of them can be submitted via telephone or short message only. In other words, face-to-face needs are almost non-existent when becoming a content writer. In addition, you can choose to be a content writer who is fixated on one company only, or become a freelancer and be able to accept work from several companies at once.


Sales is also one of the professions that generally do not have to go to work. Most salespeople carry out their work flexibly, such as offering products or services in public places according to the directions given. On a note, the salesperson must be able to achieve the given target and report to the company on a regular basis.


The field of information technology or IT is indeed identified as a profession with remote working methods. As content writers, programmers are usually free to choose their own work and use their own tools. With the task of testing programs using programming language applications, it is not surprising that remote working is usually done by programmers.

Data Entry

Do you like to work and process data? The data entry position seems suitable for you to make as a professional option that has a remote work system. In charge of inputting or entering data from a number of sources into the company’s computer system, a data entry person does not always have to be in the office to carry out his work.

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Graphic Designer

You can also get remote work when you decide to become a graphic designer. Like a content writer, this profession can also be done on a freelance or full-time basis by entering into a contract with a company. As long as you have a good and convincing portfolio, you will certainly have no trouble getting a client as a graphic designer and complete the project from home or any place you want.

Customer Service

Thanks to technological advances, now the customer service profession does not require employees to come to the office or work remotely. Responsible for dealing directly with customers or consumers via telephone and internet, many companies allow customer service to work from home. Most importantly, if you want to pursue this career path, be sure to hone your communication and marketing skills first.

Advantages of Remote Working

As discussed a little earlier, the benefit that is often felt by people who work remotely is that a work-life balance is maintained. Some daily activities that cannot be abandoned, such as taking care of children, responsibilities at home, to pursuing hobbies, can still be carried out without obstacles.

On the other hand, based on the explanation from Remote Year, employees who work remotely have a tendency to increase their work productivity. In addition, expenses for transportation needs, lunch, and the like will also not be encountered by remote workers. So, expenses can be reduced and diverted to other more important needs.

Tips for Finding Remote Working Jobs

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After understanding the meaning of remote working, you may feel interested in looking for job vacancies with this work system. Basically, nowadays, job vacancies with remote work conditions are not too difficult to find. Even so, so that the search process can be easier and more optimal, consider the following tips for finding remote working vacancies.

Understand Career Fields That Can Be Worked Remotely

The important thing that you need to be aware of when looking for a job remotely is to understand the type of skill or position that qualifies for that type of job. For now, maybe you can use the example work above as a reference. However, it is not impossible that there are various other types of work according to your skills that can be done mobile, flexible, and remotely.

Build a Portfolio As Interesting As Possible

The main obstacle that is often felt by someone who is looking for a remote working job for the first time is not having a portfolio of work to attract the hearts of employers. Remote work that is limited by time and distance often prevents prospective employees from meeting job interviewers. Therefore, because it is not possible to optimally explore the quality of prospective employees, one of the fundamental aspects that employers must look at is their work portfolio.

Know the Companies that Open Remote Jobs

You can work remotely by becoming a freelancer or permanent worker in a company. When you become a freelancer, you can visit various sites that are platforms for meeting employers with job seekers. In addition, expand relationships and relationships so that you can get information regarding companies or clients who are willing to provide remote work opportunities.

Join the Community about Jobs or Job Vacancies

In addition to the methods above, you can also increase your opportunities by joining a number of communities that discuss jobs or job vacancies. Not only can you get remote job offers, but you can also share work complaints as well as experiences and discussions about the world of work.

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Who says work always has to be outside the home?

That’s a brief explanation of what remote work is, examples of work, benefits, and tips on getting a job with this method. Remote work is generally sought after by housewives, people with other activities that cannot be left behind, or simply wanting flexibility in their work. Well, if you are one of them, a profession with this system is certainly a worthy choice.

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