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Whatsapp Business, Applications that are suitable for your Business

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As the development of the business world that is increasingly rampant, WhatsApp application released for Business. The company was taken over by Facebook has inaugurated the WhatsApp Business on January 18, 2018. This application is intended for business travelers to be more easily connected to a large number of users or customers of his business.

This is because WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that uses the internet services and the absence of limits on message. In addition, WhatsApp can also make quick calls to fellow users. Therefore, it can be predicted by the existence of application support WhatsApp Business to business travelers, WhatsApp will increasingly popular, right?

What is that WhatsApp Business?

This application is a very useful application for those of you that have a business, for example, small businesses engaged in SME (small and medium enterprises) as well as a company that’s been great. Party WhatsApp users based on that not only use the application to send a personal message but to channel their business to all users. It makes WhatsApp Party want to increase your experience in doing business.

Party WhatsApp will release business applications around the world and for countries which have not mentioned please be patient because it is still in progress and will be released in the next few weeks.

Difference WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business Messanger

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True to its name, a stand-alone platform or standalone small businesses aiming or great for easy braiding communication with both to its customers.

Perhaps, for those who do not know WhatsApp Business will argue that using WhatsApp application any Messanger can establish communication with customers. You need to know, that both of these applications have different features.

1. Logo Application

Logo image in both these applications is very different. On WhatsApp Messanger, the logo image in the form of the receiver, while the application of WhatsApp Business logo image using one of the alphabetic letters capitalized, i.e. B “. However, the background logo on both the application retains the green color that characterizes WhatsApp.

2. Your profile

WhatsApp application Business features business profiles that aim to let customers know of the old or new information about your business, including business descriptions, location or address, categories, emails, and websites. While WhatsApp Messanger displays only the name, brief information, as well as the user’s phone number.

3. The name of a user account

WhatsApp Messanger users can easily to rename his account without any time restrictions. However, you cannot do so on the application WhatsApp Business because account names cannot fit snugly. Therefore, you should make sure the right name before filling it.

4. Using a home or office phone number

In business applications, in addition to using a cell phone number, you can also add a home phone number or Office. However, the WhatsApp advise not to change the phone number and mobile number must determine which permanent.

Can use WhatsApp WhatsApp Messanger and Business on one phone? You don’t need to worry because both of these applications can be used in a mobile phone. Only, must use a different phone number on both the application.

5. Automatic Message Features

Whatsapp Business has three features automatic message and this feature doesn’t exist on WhatsApp Messanger. Away messange, enable this feature if there are incoming messages from customers on the outside working hours or at a time when businesses are closed then with automatic reply message will be sent.

Greeting message, you can use this automatic message to new customers as the initial greeting to welcome. In addition, with the features of these business owners can offer a thoroughly new product to customers.

Quick replies, you can reply to incoming messages with the same question. It’s easy, that create some of the messages that are most likely the customer will be asked the same question about your business. If there is an incoming message, type the forward slash symbol “/” it will pop up a quick reply that was made earlier. Save time, isn’t it?

6. Message Statistics

WhatsApp application user Messanger can hide information after the message is read. While WhatsApp Business, you can review the number of statistics sent messages and incoming messages. The presence of this feature, the businessman can find out what message is effective.

7. Business Categories

In the column profile on WhatsApp Business, you can choose the category that is already registered. If there is no business category that fits, select “others “. While on WhatsApp Messanger, lacks this feature. It certainly can make the customers know what business you are running.

8. Granting of a tick on a Business Account

Whatsapp Business would do business through account verification phone number has been registered. If the phone number that is listed is the correct property of the company, your account will be verified Business WhatsApp. Party WhatsApp will give Business a green checkmark on the account verified. The giving of the green tick is not imposed in an application of WhatsApp Messanger.

9. Grouping Messages “Label “

The existence of the very message grouping features facilitate businesses in communicating with its customers. Grouping messages contained in these applications, among other prospects, new message, wait for the mercenaries, paid off, and the message is complete. So, you easily segmenting its customers in accordance with the contents of the message. This feature was not present on WhatsApp Messenger.

How To Use WhatsApp Business

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The use of business applications is basically not much different from the previous instant messaging application, ranging from downloading until the account registration. It’s just that, an account on WhatsApp Business has more features that support the business venture.

1. Download

Android users can download WhatsApp application Business in Google’s Play for free. However, it is very unfortunate for the users of IOS cannot download this because it is only business applications available on the Android platform. Don’t be sad, there is a possibility if the WhatsApp will provide to users of IOS.

2. Sign-up

The same thing with WhatsApp Messanger, you will be asked to verify your phone number. Don’t forget to choose the country code!

3. Account Naming

After the sign-up process successfully, the next form is naming a business account. Note correctly on naming your business account because it will not be changed back.

4. Complete your profile

If you have already entered the business account, you can complete the profile starting from address, categories, descriptions, hours of work, email and website.

5. Complete the Form on the Messaging

Fill out the form on the automatic messaging features as you want. The goal, so that communication can be run well against the customer.

Reasons To Use WhatsApp Business

For those of you who are new to plunge or a long-been in the world of online business, certainly, want to obtain maximum business opportunities. To acquire it, as businesses must also provide a maximum of one using WhatsApp Business.

1. Establish Better Communication

Communication is the key to the start of a business. With the presence of WhatsApp Business, the business owner will easily maintain communication with customers. Moreover, the presence of features such as automatic message, message, message statistics and grouping of messages, then the owner of the business will be easier to control its customers.

2. Trusted

Gain the trust of customers is absolutely not that easy. Use WhatsApp Business as your business account will be easy to gain the trust of our customers both the old and new as WhatsApp Business would do business through account verification phone number if the number listed company’s right for your business.

In addition, these business applications also require business owners to complete a profile. So, customers will find out information about your business.

3. Promote products Easier

Take advantage of the features of the greeting message for your convenience in doing comprehensive product offerings to its customers.

Take advantage of business opportunities Business for WhatsApp You

Business account using WhatsApp Business is a very good thing to get great opportunities on the business you run. With features that owned the business applications business owners can easily control the business, ranging from maintaining better communication, set the time of his business, as well as make it easier for businesses in promoting its products.

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