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Choosing Best Freelance Websites for Writers

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First, many freelance platforms exist to help to connect freelance workers with potential jobs. Those sites may be dedicated to general freelance hobs or specialized ones, so where to find freelance writing jobs? There are some freelances websites such as designhill, Fiverr, designcrowd that you can choose. This article shows you with some best freelance writing websites for writers who looking for new gigs and of course, clients. These sites allow freelancers to find out full time or part-time work as well.

Where to Find Freelance Writing Jobs? These 4 Sites

Where to Find Freelance Writing Jobs



This is a freelance site that helps you to find potential clients easier. To join this site, you need to fill-up the form and complete 325-word writer prompts as well. It’s all depending on your result, you can choose writing jobs and start to get new clients. Most writers start as a standard writer and work on their way up. When you improving your level and skills, then you will get more projects and earn more as well.


This is a job board that allows professional writers to find out their potential clients and writing jobs. The benefit of this site is that all freelance job list was filtered and verified as well. It means that you do not need to worry about scams or low-paying jobs. To use this platform, you need to sign up for the paid subscription to get access to your jobs. Where to find freelance writing jobs if you are a professional writer, come here then.


This platform was formerly known as Odesk as one of the most popular sites for freelancers. Marketplace shows you with the job postings for graphic designers, freelance writers, and content marketing experts as well. Writers allow bidding on projects both of short-term or long-term arrangements. This site is much easier to use by experts since pass works will help to build up your reputation. But, it does not mean that entry-level writers do not allow to use this site.


This online job site will help freelance talents. This site does not have any screening process so that you need to check your own potential chances to avoid scams. This business will pay for $30 for the 30-day job and freelancers can use this site to find out and apply for any position free. Usually, this site was mostly dedicated to bloggers, even offering postings to edit and publish their jobs. Where to find freelance writing jobs? You can check this article.

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