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Women Entrepreneur: Know the 5 Challenges of Entrepreneurship for women

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Women Entrepreneur – What are the challenges of entrepreneurship for women? How to cope with the challenges of entrepreneurship? This time the Businessoldnet will discuss the 5 challenges of entrepreneurship for women.

Understanding Entrepreneurship

challenges faced by female entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship is a machining process of a business in innovative, other than her previous efforts. Innovation in entrepreneurship can be within the scope of the function of an object or value is higher.

Running a business entrepreneur requires courage in stepping. Courage is the courage of the plan includes out of the box, adjust the projected cash flow and execute the plan. The most important things that should not be overlooked is a regular evaluation.

Entrepreneurship has a myriad of benefits. Here are some of the benefits of entrepreneurship:

  • Giving the main or additional income
  • Can be used as the main job
  • More flexible time
  • Planning can be according to the wishes of the owner
  • Its success can be had only by a party
  • Could provide jobs for others
  • Boost creations and innovations of private or team

Entrepreneurship For Women

female entrepreneurship opportunities and challenges

For women, the benefits of entrepreneurship on top can be very significant. The reason, women have a duty to take care of the household and children. With entrepreneurship, earnings will still be obtained even without work for 8 hours a day. Not only that, it’s been great efforts can also help someone else’s economy, either with the system or partnership workers.

Currently, there have been many types of entrepreneurial women who have to work with many parties. The entrepreneurial field is very diverse ranging from culinary, fashion, to the service.

Success in entrepreneurship for women is a combination of the potential business opportunity see the value or values of the processed goods to sell and taking action according to the power stuff. The other most important thing i.e. bidding system as well as the ability of socialization.

5 the challenge of Entrepreneurship for women

women entrepreneurship

Although it looks very useful, for women’s entrepreneurship is not without problems. There are several challenges to be faced as a start or maintain a business for women. Here are the 5 challenges of entrepreneurship for women.

  • Challenge 1: Worried to Start

Whenever someone who is afraid to start could not be completely successful. Why is this so? Because the whole fear that turns into a mental block that would hamper competitiveness, innovation, the desire for progress and achievement.

Women who have the excess concern to start a business is usually not supported by the surrounding environment such as the family, relatives, and neighbors. Therefore, if you have this problem, make sure that you are the one who becomes the main character in every step of life, not anyone else. So hang up immediately with cooked.

  • Challenge 2: Inferior About Business Thinking

Do you still feel that your business thinking helpless competitiveness? Perhaps it is right, but it can also go wrong. However, because someone always has ideas that can be developed. Including in entrepreneurship.

Write down an idea or innovation that you feel is suitable to be developed in the business, and then execute one by one the list. Thus, it will be created a plan that materialized thoroughly.

  • Challenge 3: the dual Role of social

Since it’s still status as wives and mothers, women often feel awkward and worried hassles if starting a business. This thinking is actually wrong because women are much more able to perform maximum versatility. There must be a way for each issue, and the resolution will be more easily especially if the spouse or nearest family supports such measures.

  • Challenge 4: Lack of Entrepreneurial Education

Entrepreneurship education should not be owned by the school alumni economics or management. Currently, there have been many successful young entrepreneurs who have no background in economic majoring in education. So, the knowledge could be less because less read a book or take a seminar on entrepreneurship.

To address this challenge, the women should try it for creative self-taught, following courses, training or seminars. Thus, the skill in the management of products and will be more optimal.

  • Challenge 5: capital loan Link Limited

The question of the links and information on loans, women also need to be observant in looking for. For example on a bevy of social activities, and parents of children at the school. Who knows, one of these contacts can help.

Traits of a healthy Entrepreneurial Characteristics – face challenges

There are a few traits of a healthy entrepreneurial. If you see or have a business with a type like this, it can almost be ascertained that the entrepreneurial system that is owned is already quite healthy.

  • Innovation is high from the owner that is visible from the product, pricing, and service.
  • Has STOP, meaning “stop” Stop, Think, “think” Observation “Observation” and the Plan “plan”. A healthy entrepreneurial system no rash decision.
  • Save money and not buy consumer of raw materials. The quality is not always directly proportional to the price.
  • Smart select price and quality.
  • It’s simple and not arrogant.
  • Teams dared to take the risk, but always logical thinking in any consideration.
  • Owners and employees who have high motivation.
  • Business owners are able to analyze its business on the market.
  • Each element has the confidence to succeed.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of the products and services.
  • Give priority to the convenience of the customers.

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