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22 Legitimate Online Companies To Find Work At Home Jobs

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Looking For Find work at home jobs?, A large number of job seekers around the world is one of the problems that all countries always want to solve. Millions of people are waiting in line to be accepted into the company so they can work from 9 am to 5 pm to make ends meet. Various work admissions ranging from ability tests to medical tests are also willing to be made to earn income.

Work At Home Jobs

But do you know that there are many companies in the world that allow you to Work At Home Jobs with a simple selection, some of which …

22 Legitimate Online Companies To Find Work At Home Jobs


data entry jobs from home

Job type: translate.

This company Work At Home Jobs requires graduates of at least undergraduate degrees to translate various languages available, any degree.

amazon work from home

Job type: writing. specializes in user guide, video producer and author of certain topics as online content on various websites around the world.

Automatic Data Processing (ADP)

real work from home jobs

Job type: sales, IT, management, corporate.

Provider of global business processes that facilitate payroll, employee management, business administration and attendance data entry jobs from home that the work available is not far from these things.

Appen Butler Hill

legit online jobs

Job type: translating, internet research, internet search evaluation.

Appen is looking for translators, researchers and evaluators of internet search tools who are able to real work from home jobst least four hours freely from anywhere. Payroll is approximately 14 US dollars per hour.


legitimate data entry work from home jobs

Job type: legit online jobs teaching assistant.

Online teaching assistants are required from master’s or doctoral graduates to answer questions from students and get a percentage of students’ regular payments in Canadian Dollars.

CCI Call Center International

legitimate work at home jobs for moms

Job type: call center.

CCI opens vacancies for call-center services throughout the world that are fluent in available languages.


legitimate work from home jobs with no startup fee

Job type: entering data, writing, translating.

Crowdsourcing companies are looking for independent workers to write, research, translate and enter data. Payroll will be made per one type of work. Before starting Work At Home Jobs there will be a qualification test first.

work online from home and get paid

Job type: entering data, writing, translating.

Ever heard of a Doraemon tool whose name is “Konyaku jelly translator”? Naahh … that’s how this company works. Conyac has the same system as Clickworker.


Job type: IT, corporate.

Computer assemblers are currently looking to be able to complete products from the company, even though the assembly must be completed Work At Home Jobs .

Demand Studios

Job type: writing.

The author will create content that will be displayed on, and many others. The author will be paid either at a fixed rate or profit sharing.


Job type: translating, internet research, internet search evaluation.

Leapfore has a cooperation system with Appen Butler Hill, only with a lower payroll of 13-14 US dollars per hour.


Job type: translating, internet research, internet search evaluation.

Lionbridge has the same working system with Appen Butler Hill and Leapforce, but has a higher salary of 15-17 US dollars per hour, but of course it must go through a more complicated selection.


Job type: research, project management, biotechnology, IT.

The companies Work At Home Jobs recruits positions in research, project management and IT for the field of biotechnology and medicine which will be used as science throughout the world.


Job type: medical writer, nurse.

Legitimate Online Companies Work At Home Jobs is a contract research organization (CRO) that seeks the discovery of new medicines, development of treatment and management of ecosystem life cycles in the health service industry. The company is looking for medical writers and clinical research associates (CRA) to work from their homes.

Quicktate or iDictate

Job type: copy, moderator and enter data.

Quicktate looks for someone who can document voice notes and voicemail for later interpretation. Quicktate pays 0.0025 US Dollars per word for general cases and pays 0.0050 US Dollars per word for medical jobs. The languages available for work are English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Farsi, Portuguese and Japanese.


Job type: translate.

The global information management company is looking for a freelance translator who has experience as a freelance translator for two years or at least one year if he is a company translator.

Sun Microsystems

Job type: IT, IT support team.

Legitimate Online Companies is looking for technicians from all over the world who are able to solve IT-related problems.

Job type: online tutor.

Legitimate Online Companiesy Work At Home Jobs is looking for tutors who are from outside the US.

Job type: writing, translating, design, tutor, training.

Removable work from various fields is here and everything can be done from home. You can set your own income per job or hour.

Virtual University

Job type: adult education, writing for online learning institutions.

Authors for online learning institutions get an honorarium of 200 US Dollars for their work.


Job type: translate.

Translators with available languages as many as 100 languages are being searched from all over the world. Other available positions include editing, publishing or dubbing.


Job type: translate, edit.

Legitimate Online Companies Work At Home Jobs is looking for freelance workers in translating, editing, journalism, publishing, and voting from around the world.

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Final Words

Generally, online virtual companies that have been mentioned that run the payroll process through Paypal, Payoneer or directly transfer to your bank account if you know the international code. Are you ready to work from home and set up your own time and income? You can also do the above jobs after office hours or on weekends. Happy work!

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