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6 Types of Work from Home Career Opportunities to Apply for

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A Massive List of Work From Home Career Opportunities For Reliable Income

A Massive List of Work From Home Career Opportunities For Reliable Income

Work from home career opportunities, are they that big currently? In recent years, many people have started to consider taking work at home. Many reasons are behind it, for example, they can take care of their children while working.

Besides, working at home tends to make them save their money more. It is, particularly for transportation. Moreover, along with the development of technology, the chances are getting bigger. Below, there are some jobs to take at home in which the salaries are quite promising. What are they?

6 Work-From-Home Jobs Paying as Much or a Lot More Than

Virtual Assistant

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Many types of businesses are operated in online ways starting from the small to the big one. it is reasonable if many vacancies out there offer people to be virtual assistants. A virtual assistant works by helping employees to finish their administrative tasks more properly. In online shops, virtual assistants are also needed to guide customers when buying products.

Job desks given to virtual assistants involve many things like writing the list of works, replying to emails, creating documents, distributing documents related to the business, responding to questions from clients, creating content, and still many others.

The salary given for virtual assistants is various depending on how many jobs they take per month? Besides, the level of difficulty also influences it. Of course, if you are working in a big and famous company, a chance to get a bigger salary is getting bigger as well.


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Based on the data from the US employment department, many people with multilingual skills tend to choose to work as a translator at home. This type of working is considered more effective in gaining money rather than going outside. Indeed, the money they gain per month is probably not as much as translators who work in the office. But by remembering they may not need to spend money on transportation, and others, an online translator tends to have more profit.

Even some translator companies don’t give too many requirements for a translator to work for them. They don’t need degrees like bachelor’s and more. Sure, the applicant must be able to communicate at least in 2 languages.

For the salary, again, it is various depending on the level of difficulties. But in case you can find a job to translate a famous novel or book, your salary can just be multiplied based on the novel or book’s sales.

Web Developer

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It is actually quite easy to develop your own site by utilizing online courses. Unfortunately, not all people come out with those skills. Or, they may not have enough time to take the course. That’s why; many people create websites or blogs by hiring experts. Those experts are also named web developers.

As long as you have your own PC, a Smartphone, a strong internet connection, and skills to create a site, it means you can just be a web developer. Interestingly, all the projects can be done anywhere including at home. The salary gained from being a web developer is quite high. Moreover, it is if you can attract big companies to collaborate with you.

Websites themselves are quite various starting from the simple to the complex one. The more complex the website you make, the chance of you to gain more money is getting higher as well. A web developer can get payment of approximately USD 6,000 per project. So, are you interested in taking this type of job?

Content Writer

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Being a content writer needs a particular skill for sure. He or she needs to find creative ideas. Then, the ideas must be developed into attractive and readable articles that anybody can just enjoy. For other people, it is probably a difficult thing. But in case you have been experienced enough, you can just do this work fast and simply.

Content writer is a job that is highly demanded currently. If you can join big sites and platforms and be a regular content writer to them, it is just very good for sure. But in case you are not accepted, you should not worry. Some freelance sites are widely available out there to apply. In the beginning, not all jobs or projects may land on you. But if you can show the clients how good your works are, it is possible to be a regular writer to them.

Compared to the web developer, the salary or fee gained by a content writer is fewer. But of course, it depends on the article you write. Some companies give you a chance to be a professional content writer with a high salary. Sure, you should grab it fast.

Social Media Manager

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Almost all big businesses use social media as the means to interact with their customers or clients. This way, they also don’t need to pay expensively for advertisements whether on TV, radio, or newspaper.

However, not all big businesses really need someone to manage their social media accounts. So, all you need to do is marketing yourself. You should show those companies’ HRD how you are really capable of utilizing social media well. You must also interact with and respond to clients as well as let them buy the product or use the service from your company.

In general, the job appears in the modern business to help it develop online followers. This way, it is expected that the products or services to sell are more easily reached by people out there.

Full-Time Investor

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The last job to do at home is the investor. Sure, it doesn’t mean that all investors must do their jobs at home. Many of them still go to the office to do this job. So, the most proper name for this type of job is a full-time online investor.

But to be a successful investor, there is a long road you need to pass through. It needs experiences so that you will not get too much loss. In the beginning, it is suggested to invest only a small amount of money. Then, if you have been really good at it, you can develop it more.

The salary as an investor is unlimited. It is fully dependent on your skill in analyzing. The more expert you are, there are more opportunities to get passive income from this type of work from home career opportunities.

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