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Top 22 Work From Home Companies Hiring For Remote Jobs

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Work from home? Maybe not ?? Don’t be led to fraud?

Not infrequently we have labeled negative first when we hear work terms from home, especially if we rarely come into contact with the type of work online before. In fact, the work from this house actually really can happen and really exists.

Of course it’s not as easy and as good as we imagine. We must be smart in choosing, painstaking and have the skills needed to be able to participate in the types of online work that can be done in this house. Plus, we no longer need to go to work from 9am to 4pm and jam together with other employees.

Have the Skill, You Can Work From Home with Simple Selection

Work From Home Companies

If you want to work from home companies, it is not uncommon for you to go through several ability tests and even a health test so you can qualify as an employee. Unlike this type of offline job, online jobs, aka work from home, allow you to work from home with a very simple selection. The condition is one, you must have the required skills.

The following are some Work From Home Companies Hiring For Remote Jobs:

1 Responsive Translation

Skills needed: Translating foreign languages

Just as the name suggests, 1-800-Translate will require the skills of its employees to translate text from one language to another. To be able to join this company, you must at least have a graduate degree. To start joining, click here.

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2 Tutorvista.com

Skills needed: Online Tutor

Uniquely, Tutorvista is looking for online tutors who are from outside the US. Click here to start work from home with Tutorvista.

3 ADP (Automatic Data Processing)

immediate hire work from home jobs

Skills needed: IT, sales, management, administration

ADP is a provider of global business processes that facilitate employee management, payroll, business administration and attendance data so that to become a part of this company you also have to master the required skills. To join click here.

4 WordExpress

Skills needed: Appoint

WordExpress is a very popular translation site that supports 100 languages in the world. Besides looking for translators, this site also provides other positions, such as editing, publishing or dubbing.

5 Appen Butler Hill

appen work from home

Skills needed: Translating, Research and Evaluation Searching on the Internet

To be part of Appen Butler Hill, workers must have the translator and internet skills needed and can work at least four hours freely from anywhere. The salary earned is approximately 14 US dollars per hour. Click here to join.

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6 CCI Call Center International

Skills needed: Call Center.

Originally fluent in foreign languages, prospective workers can register in the call-center service section that accepts workers from all over the world. To get started, click here.

7 ClickWorker

Skills needed: Data Entry, Writing, Interpreting

Clickworker is a work from home companies that is looking for independent workers to write, research, enter data and translate. The payroll system will be carried out per one type of work. To be able to join, prospective workers must go through a qualification test first. Click here to start joining.

8 About.com

Skills needed: Writing

About.com is a site with a focus on creating user books, making videos and writing certain topics as online content for websites all over the world. Want to join? Click here

9 Dell

dell work from home

Skills needed: IT, Corporate

The name Dell is certainly no stranger to us huh? The type of work from home companies that can be done with Dell is to complete the product assembly process from the company, even though it must be completed at home. Click here to start working.

10 Leapforce

Skills needed: Studying, Research & Evaluation Search the Internet

Leapforce has a type and system of work similar to Appen Butler Hill with a salary of approximately US $ 13-14 per hour. Interested in joining? Click here.

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11 Ockham

Skills needed: IT, Project Management, BioTechnology, IT, Research

The company recruits prospective workers in the various positions needed for biotechnology and medicine to be used as science throughout the world. To start working, click here.

12 Demand Studios

Skills needed: Writing

Ever read the content displayed on Livestrong or eHow? By joining Demand Studios, you will become a productive writer for large sites with a fixed salary or profit sharing.

13 PPD

Skills needed: Medical Nurse & Writer

PPD is a company that is a CRO (Contact Research Organization) that seeks the discovery of new medicines, development of treatment and management of ecosystem life cycles in the health service industry.

Prospective workers needed by this company are medical writers and CRA (Clinical Research Associates) who can work from home.

14 BrainMass

Skill Required: Teaching

BrainMass requires online teaching assistants from master’s graduates or doctors to be able to answer questions from students and get a percentage of students’ regular payments in Canadian Dollars. Prospective workers who meet the requirements can register here.

15 SDL

Skills needed: Appoint

SDL is looking for a freelance translator who has had at least two years of experience if he is a freelance translator or one year if he was previously a company translator. To start working, click here.

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16 Quicktate or iDictate

work at home jobs for moms

Skills needed: Data Entry, Moderator, Copy

Quicktate searches for prospective workers who can document voice notes and voicemail which are then interpreted. The fee offered is also fair, which is 0.0025 US Dollars per word for general cases and 0.0050 US Dollars per word for medical work. To start joining, click here.

17 Sun Microsystems

Skills needed: IT

The company is looking for IT experts from all over the world to be able to solve technical problems related to IT.

18. Conyac.cc

Skills needed: Data Entry, Writing and Translating

Not much different from Clickworker, Conyac.cc does almost similar types and work systems.

19 Upwork.com

real work from home jobs

Skills needed: Writing, Translating, Tutor, Training, Design

Upwork coordinates work in several fields at once which can be done from home. You can choose your type of work and determine your income either per hour or per job. Click here to join.

20 LionBridge

Skills needed: Studying, Research & Evaluation Search the Internet

Compared to Appen Butler Hill and Leapforce, Lionbridge has a more complicated and tighter selection system. But of course, worth the salary earned, which ranges from the US $ 15-17 per hour.

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21 Virtual University

Skills needed: Writing, Adult Age Education

Virtual University is looking for authors for online learning institutions with a fee of US $ 200 for their work. If you are interested, start joining here.

22 WordLingo

amazon work from home

Skills needed: Translating, Editing

Similar to WordExpress, WordLingo is looking for freelance workers from all over the world who can translate, edit, publish and dub voices from around the world. To start working, click here.

How is this Online Payroll Process

In general, virtual companies online above run the process of withdrawing income through Paypal, Payoneer or bank transfer. Make sure you read the information on their website first and prepare yourself and the data needed before registering. work from home companies does seem fun, but of course, requires the same responsibility if we work for an offline company. Good luck!

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