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23 Highest Paying Work From Home Jobs That Pay Up To $100K

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Work from home jobs for the present is an opportunity that is very popular with many people. There are many reasons why people prefer to have it rather than going out every day through the crowded streets and the complexity of transportation modes. Those who need to take care of their homes and loved ones, those who cannot do activities freely because of health problems, or those who have aged after retirement.

Work from Home Jobs

23 Smart Idea to Start Work from Home Jobs for You

1. Graduate School Exam Prep Tutor

You work with school children who want to continue their studies at university. Help them prepare themselves for various kinds of university entrance exams. This is not an easy job, but you can do it online from home. Even though sometimes you have to meet face to face with the students directly for complex details.

2. English Conversation Tutors

Here you can get acquainted with various people from around the world. You will help them improve their skills in speaking English.

3. College Online Instructor

Many universities require remote teaching staff who are able to guide students to lead online courses, fill additional instructor positions, and work as teaching assistants. This is a good start to build your own work from home jobs without forgetting the knowledge you have gained in college.

4. Writing Tutor

These positions offer instructors the opportunity to work with all levels of education including college students, middle school students, and other individuals. By becoming a writing tutor, you can provide your legitimate work at home jobs services online wherever you are.

5. Music Reviewer

There is a website that asks you to listen to music and give an honest review to improve the music itself. You can visit Slicethepie for the opportunities they offer. They offer legitimate work from home jobs hiring now in their page all the time to persuade people to interact with.

6. Customer-Service Rep

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As a representative of a company, you are required to always be friendly in receiving calls. The good news is you can do this at home. This work from home jobs makes it easy for you to determine your own work schedule. Even though the wage is not much but you can determine how income you get based on your time.

7. Telemarketers

To be able to offer your services as a telemarketer, you must have skilled communicators who are well organized, as well as customer service experience. Companies usually pay based on the performance and time you give. This is undoubtedly real work from home jobs you may consider to get income.

8. Online Juror

That sounds interesting, right? You are asked to provide feedback to lawyers and other jury consultants about the case they are handling. Your verdict will give a little prediction for those involved about how things will happen when it’s time to go to court. The good news is you don’t need to tie to do this because this is a work from home jobs that makes you release to express it. Please visit the site or

9. Online Survey Taker

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You are asked to fill out a questionnaire in the form of various questions from various topics. You can choose which topics you like or dislike. Joining a legitimate website is a must. Do not let you be fooled by a scam that asks for money upfront to do the survey.

10. Online Guide or Expert

You need to answer the questions asked by people who need a solution to their problems. Starting from small things like how to make birthday gift parcels to very serious one like how to overcome a heart attack before being rushed to the hospital. No matter what your educational background is, what you do is become a good listener and try to provide solutions from reliable and credible sources.

11. eNeighbor

If you like to help people who love traveling but have concerns about things in their homes, then you can register as a freelancer as a guardian of goods. Likewise, if there is a package coming you can receive and store it to be safe. Every worker and item have been verified and has insurance so that clients can relax knowing that their belongings are in good hands.

12. Data Entry Clerk

Data Entry Online Jobs

Obtaining work from home jobs data entry make you involved in various types of administrative assignments done online at home. The work includes virtual tasks such as data research, data entry, translation, and testing. Please visit the Click worker website and The Smart Crowd to reference this job.

13. Nurse Consultant

The consultant will evaluate records and medical services, review the quality of care, serve the care management team, and make recommendations among other tasks. This job does not require a consultant to always be in the hospital because most work is done remotely.

14. Babysitter

This is a much-needed job, mainly for young couples who work together and have children left alone at home. Both worker and recipients of labor must be equally verified in order to avoid unexpected things. You must have a sense of love and affection for children and be able to keep them within hours of the week. Of course, this work is done at the parents’ home.

15. Freelance Writer

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Being a freelance writer is truly happiness for certain people. You can work whenever and wherever you want. You are free to choose as many jobs as you want to take. Of course, the more work you take, the more income you earn. This is a good idea to start work at home jobs for moms who always love being with children at home.

16. Website Tester

If you want to work from home jobs but without knowing the technical aspects of web design, then you can work as a website tester. The main task is to visit the website and see if it works properly. You must make a report and review the website after your test.

17. Work From Home Jobs Become a Virtual Assistant

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With so many businesses operating online, it is not surprising that many virtual assistants are currently needed to help them stay organized in completing administrative tasks.

Tasks provided can include writing, replying to emails, creating and distributing documents relating to business, responding to media and business questions, writing and creating content, and much more.

While the salary provided for this job varies greatly, virtual assistants can usually generate around $ 1,000 per month, depending on how many tasks they are responsible for.

Beyond that, salaries also depend heavily on who you work for, and what skills you can do.

18. Work From Home Jobs Become a Translator

real work from home jobs

According to Labor Statistics, most translators do their work at home and often work under tight deadlines.

Although this work sometimes requires a bachelor’s degree, the most important requirements for translators, of course, are the fluency of at least two languages.

The salary that is acceptable for this career is $ 1000 – $ 2000, depending on the level of difficulty and the amount of material that must be translated.

19. Web Developer

work from home jobs data entry

It’s actually quite easy to build a site yourself by utilizing many free online learning opportunities.

However, most people do not have that expertise, or do not have time, which is why many people create websites and blogs by handing them over to experts.

As long as you have a laptop, fast internet, and the ability to create a site, then you can become a web developer.

Amazingly, these web developer workers have high salaries because of the level of expertise that everyone does not have.

The more complicated the site you can make, the more expensive you can offer. Example: To make one complex site, the current market price is $ 3000 or more.

20. Work From Home Jobs Become a Freelance writer

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A writer is needed to form a news article, create content, and find creative ideas that will fill the pages of almost every site on the Internet.

The writing experience is very helpful, but what you really need to get started is encouragement, ambition, and the ability to find unique angles on events that occur every day.

Sites like or Fiverr are sites for those who want to find work as freelance writers. In order to get a project, you may need to have a portfolio or at least some examples of writing that you can include along with your resume.

For the salary you get, it usually varies depending on who you write, and how much writing you make. Generally, per article will be valued at a minimum of $ 5- $ 100 per article, even more. Of course this depends on the portfolio you have.

21. Social Media Manager

work from home jobs part time

Almost every big business uses social media channels as a means to reach their customers directly, and without paying high prices for television, print or radio advertisements.

But not every big business has someone to manage their social media accounts, therefore more and more individuals are starting to market themselves as social media managers.

This work is here to help businesses develop their online followers to expand their reach.

You can find vacancies for this job on several sites to find work such as Jobstreet, Linkedin, or other sites.

Social media managers usually earn the same income as virtual assistants, at a rate of $ 1000 or more Some social media managers can also work for retainer or sustainable.

22. Work From Home Jobs Become a Blogger

online jobs for womens at home

Being a blogger is not like any other job at home so you have to show up and build it yourself.

Even worse, most blogs may not produce a penny for years when the process grows and develops. In this case, blogging is by no means an easy job.

However, there is a lot of potential for a writer who is able to build an audience, develop their site, and find ways to monetize it to start earning income.

Some bloggers make money through affiliate advertisements, sponsored posts, Google Adsense, and product sales.

A blogger’s income cannot be measured because this work is determined by how popular the site you are building.

23. Full-Time Investor

One more job that can be done at home is investors. Provided you have gadgets and internet, you can easily access stocks or sites where you invest money.

A job as an investor will be very promising if you are able to maximize it and take every opportunity that exists.

Example: Warren Buffett managed to collect most of his wealth through his ability as an investor when he was only 13 years old.

Of course, the income earned through an investor’s job will not be limited, depending on your ability to analyze. The more expert you analyze, the greater the chance of passive income and the benefits that can be achieved.

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Final Words

Individuals who want to start with work from home jobs often question the validity of this opportunity. However, there are many legitimate jobs available around that allow you to earn income from home.

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