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11 Sites to Find Work from Home Office Jobs

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$35k-$124k Work From Home Office Jobs

Work from home office jobs is widely available on the internet. Even though you stay at home, it does not mean that you cannot make money. Making money from home is much more interesting and fun especially if you cannot leave your home in the first place.

It also cuts the cost of your transport while the job can be done smoothly. The problem is where can you find the jobs? Well, in this article, we have several places you can head to when it comes to looking for jobs that can be done from home.

11 Sites Online Office Jobs Paying as Much or a Lot More Than

Sites Online Office Jobs Paying as Much or a Lot More Than

#1 Indeed

The first place to find work from home office jobs is Indeed. This site offers a comprehensive search and tons of job opportunities for anyone. Employers post the job vacancies to Indeed themselves while the interface is also interesting and attractive to the prospective employees.

You may spend a little time sorting the listings but you can click the “remote” option in the location box so you will know the companies that offer remote jobs. The job options are varied and seemingly endless.

#2 Glassdoor

Glassdoor is another place where you can find remote jobs. It offers transparency and welcome qualities for both employers and employees. You can get the ratings of the companies on the list, information about the hiring process, and also salaries as well as the questions for job interviews.

If you are looking for jobs that can be done from home, you can search “remove” on the designated box along with the location. You will get at least 4,000 jobs on the screen.

#3 FlexJobs

At some point, some jobs are just too good to be true. And if you worry about that, FlexJobs would not give you false hopes. More than 30,000 jobs on the listings come from reputable companies.

If you need the work from home office jobs, you can search “can be done from anywhere” on the box and then you will get the result in no time. They have tons of filters so you can adjust the result according to what you want. For a more detailed catch, you need to subscribe that costs USD 14.95 per month.

#4 AngelList

Meanwhile, startups are just interesting. And if this is what you want, you can head to the AngelList because it features about 25,000 startups and more open positions. The process is very easy because you just need to sign up and manage your profile.

You also need to upload your resume and then browse the positions that are available for you. There is a star located next to a job and in your profile. If you and the company star each other then you will be connected through email.

#5 ZipRecruiter

Talking about the easiest site to navigate when it comes to the work from home office jobs, ZipRecruiter might be it. You can even find the open positions near your locations (because some opportunities have restrictions when it comes to locations).

The information will cover the average salary, the company, the employment type, and the pay. The site also provides the requirements of the job along with how to apply. This site is also available in an app that can be downloaded on your smartphone so you will not miss any updates.

#6 The Penny Hoarder Work-From-Home Job Portal

This site is trusted and you can simply search the job by the keyword you want to insert. You do not even need to create an account to apply for a job through this listing. The information shown on the screen includes the details about the company, requirements of the job, qualifications you should meet, the pay and benefits. You will mostly find new jobs because it is updated daily.

#7 Jobspresso

Jobspresso is the place where all remote jobs available. You do not need to dive all jobs that do not meet the “remote” criteria. All you need to do is to browse the job and use the filter so the result that comes up is following the category you are applying. You should pay attention to the location because some companies require you to be in a certain state or time zone after all.

#8 Remotive

Remotive is derived from “remote” and “productive”. This is why all job results on this site are only remote jobs. You just need to select the category of jobs like human resources, engineering, education, and so on. Once you have found what you like, you can click “Apply for Job” and you can proceed to the next step. If you do not want to miss any job update, you can sign up for free.

#9 Remote OK

Another place to find work from home office jobs is Remote OK. This is job listings when remote jobs can be found easily. Most of the jobs posted here are a technology-based type of work. But do not worry because there is a “non-tech” option in case you want to find something else. The jobs posted are according to the posting date so the top ones are the newest. Signing up will keep you updated.

#10 PowerToFly

Even a stay-at-home mom can make money from home. This site offers options with time flexibility. You just need to fill out the profile on this site and start browsing. This is like LinkedIn but it is designed to look for remote jobs in the first place. There are some categories you can choose according to what you like.

#11 Skip the Drive

If you use Skip The Drive to look for remote jobs, many of them will take you to Indeed. However, you can always incorporate this site to see the other options you have. There are options for full-time and part-time jobs. Feel free to use the filters as you like. Also, there is a feature that helps you to calculate how much money you can make and time you can save by finding the work from home office jobs.

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