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25 Best Legitimate Work From Home Jobs to Make $2,000 Every Week

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Some people shouldn’t have to adhere to 9 to 5 pattern anymore to get a job nowadays. There are many online work from home jobs that are offered by, many companies on these days. However, many said that the money you generate from these online jobs is very little. They may be right, since many of online jobs are only requiring non-specific skill workers to do relatively easy tasks.

But, now there are also some people who has started to make money online, and made the online jobs as their main source of income for their lives. Here is the list of real work from home jobs that generate you significant amount of money.

Get the Best Payment from Best Work from Home

Why choose to Work Part Time at home

Work from Home

A lot of reasons why someone chooses to become a freelancer or part-time workers rather than full-time workers. One of them is the limitation of the flexibility of time and space.

For example a housewife. Work or effort that is appropriate for the housewife is certainly not that time-consuming effort.

Thus, the homemaker can work while still doing their job at home and still be there for her children.

If you have specific skills but don’t have the time to channel it, perhaps working part-time be one solution.

First, many companies prefer to use the services of part-time workers, because it costs the more practical and cheaper.

The good news, with the advancement of technology in modern times, is not difficult finding a job like that, especially with the help of the internet.

Now many works part-time can be done at home, and keep making money.

Curious? okay, businessoldnet discussion about 25 refer to work from home that is profitable for you:

1. Start a B2B Blog

Blogging is almost everyone’s virtual activity today. However, if you’re serious to make it as your money machine, you should make it more than just any other normal blog. Start to create your high-end B2B blog and earn some amount of money by first of all, choose paid domain and WordPress hosting. This path will bring you into a lucrative virtual business online.
Some tips to consider:

  • Focus your blogging on a personal brand
  • Choose a profitable niche
  • Focus on high-end consulting

2. Drop shipping

By drop shipping you can actually involve in selling products without have to worry about inventory or product stocks. If you’re familiar with this kind of work from home jobs, pay attention on these steps that you have to do as a drop shipper:

  • You open a drop ship store online, then you promote the product from the third party at your store
  • You receive the orders from your costumers online
  • Forward the orders from the costumers to the third party, and get order done by that third party

Pretty easy isn’t it? Even so, there are some challenges you have to deal by being a drop shipper, i.e.:

  • Low margin profits
  • High competition

3. Become A Premium Freelancer

real work from home jobs

Working from home online and make a lot of money out of it is just what everyone dreams of. But, in this virtual life that we’re living today, that dream could be easily turned into reality.

Today, there so many companies that p[provide remote jobs for everyone who need it. the problem that might arise is that almost every freelancing websites offers thousand s of applications, and hiring for positions are quite limited. That’s why, as a starter, you should have creative approach. Only by sending your application and waiting to be called can get you years to get a job. You should do more efforts than that, for example:

  • You can create a portfolio
  • Write extensively
  • Find the right way/address to get work from home online jobs

4. Digital Marketing Freelancing

There’s a research shows that almost 50% of modern business are lack of skilled workers, and they usually find it through the online workers they hire online. If you want to be one of those considerable online workers, think of the things below:

  • Show your specific skill
  • Get the trustworthy websites

5. Online Coaching and Courses

Coaching is different from counseling, indeed. You should be able to make a clear line between the two. Coaches focus more on helping the clients to get their set goals and measurable achievements.
Here are the steps to get started:

  • Create expertise in your niche
  • Build your personal brand
  • Create and sell your courses

6. Professional Video and Audio Editor

The options below will enable you to earn much money as a video or audio editor.

  • Sell your stock photos and videos
  • Sell virtual reality and 360-degree videos

7. Coding

Some of the works that include coding jobs are:

  • Website development
  • Data scraping
  • mobile app development
  • building chatbots for websites
  • simple games
  • micro-controller programming

Some of the places to get this work from home job:

  • Craiglist
  • Common freelance websites: Upwork, Fiverr Pro, etc.
  • Build a Github Profile

8. Freelance Writer/Editor

work from home jobs data entry

Here is the way to get freelance online jobs in writing or editing without much trouble.

  • Start cold pitching
  • Pitch to prospects listed on Job Boards
  • Follow the twitter handles of Job Boards

9. Work from Home Medical Jobs

The online jobs available at these fields are:

  • Medical transcriptionists
  • Spokesperson
  • Researchers
  • Associate Scientific Director

10. Design Consultant

As a design consultant, you may work at some domain like:

  • Wed design
  • Graphic design
  • Interior design

11. Freelance writer

Not everyone can create a quality content. When the blogging world exploded and favored by many people, usually the author of the article (content writer) also loose-leaf can earn a profit.

As a freelance article writer, you can work at home. But it is important to have good writing skills and has a neat system.

If you are just starting out, don’t worry. You can find a job through some freelance job portal for the following:

  • UpWork (International)
  • TextBroker

12. Bloggers or Social Media Influencers

working from home online

This effort is one effort that shows how useful the internet to help your business.

By becoming a professional blogger or social media influencers, you don’t need to go to the Office in the morning and go home at night.

You can do it at home while you’re having free time and you only need a website or social media equipped with an adequate internet.

Whether this business can make money? Surely Yes. Even many professional bloggers who make billions of dollars every year.

With the development of affiliate marketing and the increasing internet users, this business into one that needs to be considered by housewives to fill the time at home.

13 Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant is very broad in scope. But is essentially became an Assistant who serves one person repeatedly.

His income varies but is usually paid by the hour and rely on her specialty.

As for some of the fields of virtual assistants, among others:

  • Author
  • Graphic design
  • Research
  • Editing
  • Copywriting
  • Social media management
  • Translation
  • Programming
  • Data input, and so on.

14. Work From Home With open a shop Etsy

If your passion lies in the field of art and creates works of art, then there is no harm in trying to find money to open a shop Etsy.

By having a strong platform, you can make your skill as a secondary source of income.

I even heard a lot that made this work as its main source of income because the income is already quite large.

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15 Graphic design services

Did you know that earning a professional graphic design is very big?

Even his income reached Rp1 billion per year. Wonderful isn’t it?

If you have talent in the field of graphic design, you can start it from some of the following platforms:

You can learn slowly while making money. Then collect and keep waking up your portfolio to be professional graphic design.

If you do not have the talent of graphic design, you can be a party that trade in ready-made templates. An example is the presentation templates, logos, and so on.

Here are some platform and selling templates that you can use:

16 Accounting Virtual

freelance jobs online for beginners

Similar is the case with a virtual assistant, you can allocate Your accounting talent by becoming a virtual accountant.

Accounting knowledge and experience with you, get a job that can be done at home and make money.

For example, by offering financial arrangements for a busy business people who don’t have the time.

17 Work From Home With Open Online course

For those of you who love to teach a friend at the time of the lecture, you can continue this hobby while making money, you know!

You can open a course or tutoring with just building on the internet.

His system is the same as the courses in General, except here the material presented be recorded so that it can be accessed through the internet.

It sounds similar to an information product, is not it?

In fact, it was indeed similar, but there is one difference, namely, the information provided here is not directly addressed in 1 session. Normally information will be divided into several sessions, such as once a week.

Several platforms for online courses that are already commonly used are as follows:

18 snack food Business

Snack business is a business with small capital but has a chance of a pretty good future.

See snacks are increasingly favored by the public, with the scope of the market ranging from children to adults, then the business is worth considering.

In addition, it is very much a snack idea circulating at the moment, so it’s not hard to find new ideas to attract customers.

Snacks in question can be started from snacks, chips, fried foods, and pastries.

Just as the services of catering, snack food business the key to success is perseverance and good management.

Many examples of the snack food business failed due to bad management or decreased quality due to decreased persistence.

However if living in earnest, this highly profitable sideline businesses.

If you are interested in being an entrepreneur, learn first how to separate personal money and money business results.

19 Provides managing and marketing in Social Media

When you see the Instagram, certainly much online shop that continues to make the post contains product merchandise and promotions to attract customers.

All of this is usually done by the owner of the online shop.

But unlike in the online shop is already a large and high level of sales.

Usually, there will be some sections that are divided by their respective responsibilities. An example is an admin who manages and markets their products via social media.

As for a general overview of the work are the following:

  • Build brand awareness.
  • Create and share content.
  • Interact with your fans/follower.
  • Increase traffic to your website through social media.

You can also become a marketing manager with digital ads.

The trick is to set up your ad text, images, and/or videos.

In addition, you should also perform a variety of testing and data processing to produce an effective advertising.

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20. Work From Home With Start your own business

Based on a survey, found that 81% of employees once wanted to become an entrepreneur.

But why only a few realize his dream?

The answer is because it is not easy to be an entrepreneur. There’s a reason taken to undo the intention, among others:

  • Not knowing what business opportunities more profitable and more stable than a regular job.
  • Lack of funding or capital.
  • Already working and have been in the comfort zone.
  • Already have a family so busy taking care of the family.

But if 9 of the above options do not fit with your passion, you can start your own business in accordance with Your interests and skills.

Some examples of business that can be taken are as follows:

  • Write a book or ebook.
  • Open the business consulting services.
  • Open a catering service.
  • Open sewing services.
  • Open an online shop, and much more.

Work at Home Jobs for Moms

work at home jobs for moms

Mothers also have equal chance to do the remote works like any other remote workers. Here are some virtual jobs that perfect for mothers who would like to get extra income to help her family financial.

1. In-Home Childcare

This job will require a lot of passion and of course your ability to communicate with little creatures that would be put in your responsibilities by their parents while they’re away. And as a mother, who has already had children on your own, that would be a problem, isn’t it?

2. Pet Sitting

Most of people who take care of pets, will treat the pets like their children. When they’re away and they can’t take the pets go along with them, they will need someone to take care of it. And there is your presence will be such a lifesaver for them.

3. Data Entry

From all of remote online jobs offered, work from home jobs data entry is the one that doesn’t really require specific skill or experience to do the job. That’s why it completely fits for mothers who would like to have extra income without being disturbed by the burden of the job she does.

4. Catering

You can easily do the work from your kitchen without necessarily leaving your family behind.

5. Laundry

It’s a long lasting chore that a lot of people can’t handle today due to lacking of time. You can take this chance as your source of income and you can easily do the work from home and get paid after you finished the job.

BONUS: Tips for Becoming a successful Part-Time Workers(work from home)

internet business opportunities

Become a freelancer or working online doesn’t mean you are saving less than Office workers.

You thus have the flexibility to earn and save more to prepare for your future.

You can become successful freelancers who have income exceeding the monthly salary with some of the following tips:

  • Provide contract sheet for each project and make a note of everything carefully.
  • Always ask for a Down Payment (DP) and the terms are clear.
  • Don’t be afraid to refuse a project if it does not fit with your specialty.
  • Make Your target job restrictions, don’t do something that will break your concentration.
  • Make a portfolio with a focus on Your content to present the next business deals.
  • Knowing the field is right for you.
  • If you create a destination, do what you can afford at this point to achieve it, and not just to imagine a future without any effort at all.
  • Organize your finances and allocate your earnings as well.

Find Your Dream Part Time Work!

After looking at some of the examples above, did you already imagine what part-time work from home for you?

Of any kind, do good and thorough planning so that you can run it properly and smoothly.

We are sure you can find your passion so that working at home is no longer a dream. Good luck!

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