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17 Working From Home Jobs That Pay Big Bucks

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Who can do it?

I am an introverted person with some social anxiety, to my regular job which forces you to spend a certain amount of time socializing with other people just overwhelming sometimes. At some point, I just think those jobs just not for me. Then I was stuck there for a while. At that time I did not think such a thing as working from home jobs exist. You don’t have to be somebody like me to do make money from home.

Working From Home Jobs

You can be a stay at home parent who should do the household work, watch the children but you need some extra money to help out. You can also be a student needing some extra pocket money or you can be anybody who needs to earn money.

If you are stuck and thinking that it is difficult because you don’t have any talent while it is almost impossible for you to go 9-5 to your workplace. There are many ideas to earn money just by staying at home, all you have to do is go online and you are ready to go.

Here are some extra ideas for extra money-making working from home jobs only for you.

17 Best Working from Home Jobs that Pay Well!

1. Freelance writer

work from home jobs for moms

Becoming a freelance writer, you can get paid for each article you write or edit. The articles could come from any topic, you just need to do some research beforehand.

2. Technical freelance

If you think writing is not for you, then designing, doing graphics or marketing or web programming are some things that you can do from home.

3. Write blogs

online business ideas for beginners

No idea what type of blog you are about to create? Think about what you like, it can be a health topic, cooking, traveling, beauty? Anything.

4. Fill out some online surveys

work from home jobs data entry

Some online websites provide online surveys in which you can get paid for fulfilling them.

5. Watch some videos or movie previews

Now you can get paid for something that you always do in your spare time. as easy as watching videos like movie previews or news, some webs will pay you for watching the videos and put like on them. You just have to sign up first for free, and they will suggest videos to watch for certain minutes.

6. Virtual assistant

legitimate work from home jobs with no startup fee

This type of assistant do works like make travel plans, check emails or doing some internet research, only you can do it from home.

7. Online Tutor

If you think you are good in some fields, you can share your skills and knowledge through online tutoring. Set up your schedule according to your availability and make some money.

8. Share reviews

Some websites will allow you to share your review of certain products and you will get paid for sharing them. Some others are even providing you with a sample of the products to let you try them out before they sell them at the market.

9. Play online games

Some friends of mine are lucky enough to turn their hobbies into money. They are playing some online games and somehow managed to sell the stuff they’ve got from playing such as selling characters and items to other players and got extra money for themselves. Another way to get money from playing games is you create a streaming account and get money from it.

10. Be pet sitter

This working idea maybe not an online one, but still, it is working from home job. This is best for you who love pets and have sufficient space at your home. You can offer a pet sitting for your busy neighbors or your relatives. Enjoy what you like and get extra money from it.

11. Daycare

Do you have to stay at home to take care of your children? Starting a small daycare is not a bad idea. Your children will get the chance to meet their peers, you are doing a huge favor for your full time working neighbor parents, and the fun part, you get money!

12. Use your creative soul

If you are good at making things with your hands, I am talking about crafts and things like that. Use that! Create some home decorations, birthday cards, or even wedding invitations and post it to your social media.

13. Translate service

Good at other languages? Your capability will help so many people, you just have to let them know. Provide translation services, from formal documents to comic books, you decide how much you want to be paid for your help.

14. Bake and cook

I am not good at the kitchen business, but some people are great at it. you don’t have to collect a degree on gastronomy to do it. If your friends and family agree that you have good hands-on food, then what are you waiting for? Start offering baking cake for friends’ birthday cake then ask for their opinion. Once you have good reviews you can confidently advertise your cooking online.

15. Wedding organizer

You will need some experience and a wide source of information at the same time need to have many people to contact. Sure if you want to do it from home you need your devices like computers and phones, cause you need to do research and contacted many people.

16. Sell something

You can always find something to sell, just look around. You have piles of books that you have read and do not know what to do with them? Sell them. Your wardrobe is full of clothes you never used? Sell them. Or you are Mom with so many toys lying down on the floor because your children are easily bored with them? Sell them. Instead of hoarding and getting stressed out make money out of them.

17. Think of what you like

If you are interested in music or good at playing instruments, offer some online music lessons. You are interested in fashion? Be a fashion analyst or personal fashion stylist. You must look at yourself and think about what you can do with what you have and create your own working from home jobs.

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