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11 The Best Online Jobs You can Work from Home

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List of High Paying Online Jobs You can Work from Home

List of High Paying Online Jobs You can Work from Home

You can work from home because today the digital world has given you those opportunities. It will be such a great idea for those who struggle to look for local gigs, cannot go out due to health reasons, and so on. In this article, we have 11 types of jobs you can give a try without going anywhere.

11 Work from Home Jobs That Bring in the Cash

#1 Translator

work at home jobs for moms

As long as you can read, speak, and write grammatically correct, you can work as a translator. According to PayScale, an online translator is potentially paid USD 25 per hour. Also, it depends on the languages used and the demand as well.

You will need to be fluent in at least two languages. Some companies even require the applicants to have experience as a translator in the first place. You can hunt for the job at Glassdoor, Indeed, and other job-seeker sites.

#2 Online Tutor

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You can work from home by being an online tutor. According to Glassdoor, this job pays you from USD 14 to USD 25 per hour. Being an online tutor is perfect for those who have expertise in certain subjects or are fluent in foreign languages but have no time to go out.

You can tutor students over Skype or phone for a one-hour maximum. Some specific websites like Tutorzilla and Sylvan Learning provide the job vacancy.

#3 Virtual Travel Agent

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At some point, it is fun to travel the world or you can take that as your job. However, it is your client who books the tickets. Still, it is fun to take care of their traveling activity while you are getting paid.

According to Indeed listings, this job is paid from USD 12.50 to USD 50 per hour. Isn’t it interesting? This job is available in online job listings. Besides getting paid, you commonly will get perks and discounts.

#4 Telephone Nurse

A telephone nurse job is suitable if you have a nurse degree. According to the data, a registered triage telephone nurse is paid USD 70,302 per year on average. Usually, companies that work in health management or health insurers will hire nurses to do some tasks.

Generally, it is about case management, patient education, and treatment authorization. If you are interested in this job, you can check some listings at medical-job placement companies.

#5 Customer Service Representative

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Are you a people person? If the answer is yes then you would be suitable to be a customer service representative. You can talk to people on the phone or computer and use your excellent communications kill. This job could pay you USD 9 to USD 19 per hour.

The opportunity is pretty huge because companies generally look for a worker who can take care of their customers. Once you get accepted, you need to dedicate four hours per day to do the job.

#6 Search Engine Evaluator

A search engine evaluator is a person who will evaluate every search engine on the internet today. You can work from home with this job and get paid from USD 13 per hour. As an evaluator, you can tell the companies about how closely the result on the internet matched with the keyword you entered on the search box.

This job might be suitable for those who speak English fluently and love to find out information about music and movies yet familiar with cultures.

#7 Corporate English Trainer

For your information, many people in countries like Germany, France, Korea, and Japan look for English-speaking people to practice their English. So, you will work on sessions that will talk to the people who hire you in various contexts like small talk, meetings, and so on.

Every session can be done on the phone or live videos. It pays you from USD 15 to USD 20 per hour. So, if you are a native English speaker that masters the basic skills of the computer, you should try this job.

#8 Online Writer

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Become an online writer will make you write, copy and edit, check the texts, update your writings, and so on that related to the writings you take care of. So, if you are creative with words and love to make content then you are good to be an online writer. The salary is about USD 24 per hour. Especially if you have experience in media, you can opt for freelance work. This job can be done full-time and part-time, according to the requirements.

#9 Virtual Graphic Designer

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You can also work from your home as a graphic designer. The demand for graphic designers is getting higher and higher from time to time. If you are good at designing and drawing then you should approach this job opportunity.

Besides, a graphic designer is needed in various job places like advertisements, labels, packaging, and so on. This job pays from USD 18 per hour and it can get higher. So, if you are a graphic designer and you are pretty good with your work, this job might suit you in the first place.

#10 Survey Taker

What about being a survey taker? This job is about taking an opinion poll and answering various questions about shopping. Sometimes, you are also asked to review a product. Other than that, you will get paid for doing this job via PayPal, mailed check, or even gift cards.

This job is paid from USD 1 to USD 50 per survey you take. It depends on how much time you need to spend to complete the survey. And if you always have an opinion, this job might suit you.

#11 Transcriptionist

Are you looking for a flexible job? Transcriptionist might be something you are looking for. It requires no experience in the first place. You might need to listen to audio files and then you write anything you have heard from the audio.

The basic requirements might be the computer and internet connection. The content is varied and most importantly, you can make your schedule. And this is how you nail the “you can work from home”.

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